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Animals of Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island’s unspoilt habitat is a haven for native wildlife – you can often spot koalas napping in the trees, wallabies and possums on your walks around the island.

Other mammals seen on the island include echidnas, black flying-foxes and little bentwing bats.

Magnetic Island Animals - Koalas


Koalas were introduced to Magnetic Island during the 1930’s to help protect them from perceived threats on the Queensland mainland.

By day koalas rest motionless amongst the Eucalypt branches and trees, feeding on leaves from late afternoon. The nutrient-poor diet of koalas means they must rest for up to 20 hours a day.

Magnetic Island Animals - Koalas

Allied Rock Wallabies

The rocky terrain and dense vegetation of Magnetic Island is home to the Allied rock-wallabies. Their subtle grey colouring camouflages these animals, making them difficult to see among the rocks. Allied rock-wallabies move quickly and surely around their rocky habitat, helped by short toenails on their hind feet. You can find them feeding in the early morning and late afternoon.

Brushtailed Possum Magnetic Island

Brushtail Possums

Brushtail possums are native, nocturnal marsupials and one of the most common native animals found in Queensland.

These common brushtail possums are very active at night, feeding on flowers, fruit and leaves.

During the day they hide in hollow branches or fallen logs.

Magnetic Island Birds

Magnetic Island is home to over 186 types of birds including Blue-winged Kookaburras, Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Brahminy Kites and Magnetic island’s iconic Bush-stone Curlew.
Some of the birds on Magnetic Island are full-time residents, others may live here only in one season and yet others may visit adjacent mainland areas in search of food water or mates.

curlew-bird magnetic island


The curlew is Magnetic Island’s signature bird, an unusual, bush-dwelling, wader more often heard than seen.

With their distinctive cry and bold behaviour these birds are found all over the island.

Bush Stone-curlews have a remarkable courtship dance. Individuals stand with their wings outstretched, their tail upright and their neck stretched slightly forward. The birds will stamp their feet up and down, like a soldier marking time.

Black Cockatoo

Red Tailed Black Cockatoos

Adult males have a characteristic pair of bright red panels on the tail that gives the species its name.

These rather noisy birds are often spotted down at Horseshoe Bay and around the Horseshoe Bay lagoon.

Kookaburra Magnetic Island

Blue Winged Kookaburras

This striking kookaburra has a pale, streaked head with no stripe through the eye. The male has a blue rump and tail; the female has a brown tail.

Amaroo on Mandalay has their own resident Kookaburras that love to be hand fed – check with our front reception for feeding times.

Stay In Paradise!

Many of Magnetic Island’s beautiful inhabitants are found right in our very own resort…