Upon booking your wedding reception with us, discussions will be held with the chef as to what you would like to choose off of the current wedding menu.


•Salmon pearls with cream fraiche dill on blinis

•Thai crab cakes with mango salsa

•Tomato, basil and baby bocconcini sticks

•Peppered rare beef on croutons dressed with horseradish cream

•Japanese oyster with pickled red ginger and soy/wasabi dipping sauce

•Blue and cream cheese mousse on croutons

•Asparagus and goats cheese tartlets •Orange glazed smoked duck breast


•Cocktail chicken satays with peanut sauce

•Pork and chive gyoza with sesame dipping sauce

•Duck spring rolls with sweet soy sauce

•Baby beef skewers with honey mustard yoghurt dressing

•Mozzarella Meatballs with tomato passata

•Gourmet beef sliders

•Warm salmon fillet on crouton with dill cream fraiche

•Bacon wrapped scallops with redcurrant glaze

$45.00 pp 1.5 hours

Choose 4 cold & 5 hot canapés

And receive 12 assorted pieces pp

Added extra item selection $4.00pp

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