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Let Amaroo on Mandalay be the setting of your next business, function or event getaway – perfect for team building, workshops, new launches, end of year windups, retreats, and much more.

The reason is apparent when you step into the resort!

Amaroo On Mandalay Resort offers tranquil tropical garden surrounds enabling you to get right down to business or relax.

Our events co-ordinator will liaise with your organiser to select the ideal event space, menu and style from a formal dinner or a relaxed gathering in our gardens or at our barbeque.

We can help you arrange time out with tours around the island, tennis, fishing, and even jet skiing. We look forward to welcoming your group on to the island.

Endeavour Room

The Endeavour Room

The Endeavour Room has long been a favourite for business and organisation meetings, conferences and events.

A conference and meeting space that combines business functionality with the serenity of outdoor relaxation areas and fosters a sense of well-being among your attendees.

13m x 12m – The Endeavour Room is great for upwards of 80 people in a theatre style or 40 covid style for a classroom setting, complemented by inviting outdoor spaces designed for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Outdoor Areas: Surrounded by lush greenery, these spaces offer a tranquil retreat where you and your attendees can unwind and recharge during breaks or after a productive session. Take a breath of fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, or engage in casual conversations amidst nature’s soothing embrace. 

Refreshment and Catering Options: Energize your attendees with our excellent refreshment and catering options. We offer a range of menu choices, including coffee breaks, working lunches, and meals, all tailored to suit your preferences and dietary requirements. 

Convenient Carpark Entrance: We offer direct carpark entry with easy access for you and your guests.

Location: Conveniently located at Nelly Bay, it is easily accessible from the Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal and bus service to our front door.

Cleveland Room

Cleveland Room - Amaroo On Mandalay - Magnetic Island

Need something a little bigger? Our Cleveland Room is 19m x 15m, attached to a restaurant & licenced bar facility, seating capacity of 120 (60 covid), a stage, and chandeliers.

Perfect for night time awards and cocktail dinners.

Adjoining Restaurant & Bar: Treat your guests to delicious meals, refreshing beverages, and a delightful dining experience. Our culinary team can cater to various tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring everyone leaves satisfied. Whether it’s a cocktail reception, a sit-down dinner, or a casual gathering, our restaurant and bar will delight your taste buds.

Terrace Overlooking the Pool: Our venue features a stunning terrace that offers breathtaking views of our sparkling pool. This picturesque setting is perfect for outdoor events, cocktail parties, or enjoying the scenic atmosphere. Your guests will be captivated by the serene ambience and delightful surroundings.

Flexible Table Configurations: We understand that different events require various seating arrangements. Our venue offers flexible table configurations, allowing you to create the perfect layout for your event. We have you covered, from classroom-style seating for workshops to banquet-style arrangements for gala dinners.

Stage and Acoustics: Our event space features a professional-grade stage, perfect for performances, presentations, or live entertainment. We also have acoustics to enhance the audio experience, so your event will leave a lasting impression.

BBQ Area with Koala Magnetic Island
Stage Acoustics-Amaroo-On-Mandalay-Magnetic-Island

Tropical garden


Whether you’re planning a yoga retreat, a health camp, a school camp, an island getaway, or a relaxation retreat, our resort offers the perfect setting amidst nature’s beauty.

Idyllic Outdoor Meeting Spaces: Surrounded by tropical gardens and embraced by the sounds of wildlife, tranquil settings inspire creativity, relaxation, and meaningful connections. Experience the perfect balance between productive sessions and rejuvenating breaks.

Yoga and Meditation Areas: Find your inner peace and practice mindfulness in our meditation areas. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the gentle breeze, and let nature enhance your retreat experience. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a beginner seeking tranquillity, our outdoor spaces provide a harmonious environment for yoga and meditation sessions.

Health Camps and Wellness Retreats: Our resort is ideal for health camps and wellness retreats. Rejuvenate your spirit with invigorating sessions on our tennis courts or in the gym, and refresh your body and mind in our magnesium pool, known for its therapeutic properties. Enjoy the perfect balance of relaxation and activity during your retreat. Your participants will leave feeling revitalized and renewed.

School Camps and Island Getaways: Learn about local flora and fauna, and bring the spirit of adventure to your school camp or island getaway. Our resort features well-maintained tennis courts that provide the perfect setting for friendly matches and tennis clinics. Our kids’ playground offers a safe and enjoyable space for young participants. After a day of exciting activities, gather around the BBQ area and enjoy a delightful feast. 

Poolside Space

Amaroo On Mandalay - Magnesium Pool - David Peart photo

Embrace Serenity and Creativity – where the enchanting beauty of nature meets a spacious and inviting area by the magnesium pool. This versatile space is perfect for various activities, from group gatherings to yoga sessions and business getaways. Immerse yourself in the serene environment, and let the natural surroundings inspire creativity, relaxation, and meaningful connections.

Spacious Area by the Magnesium Pool: This spacious setting provides ample room for group activities, workshops, and team-building exercises. Whether planning a corporate getaway or a yoga retreat, this area offers the perfect canvas to create extraordinary experiences.

Yoga Sessions and Mindfulness Practices: Find inner peace and connect with your surroundings during invigorating yoga sessions. The serene ambience by the magnesium pool lends itself perfectly to mindful practices, allowing you to feel grounded and centred. Experience the harmonious blend of natural beauty and rejuvenation as you engage in yoga sessions with the calming presence of water nearby.

Business Getaways with a Scenic View: Conduct productive meetings, brainstorming sessions, or team-building exercises in a refreshing environment. The picturesque backdrop of our resort’s natural surroundings sets the stage for creative thinking and innovative ideas.

Power by the Pool: We understand the practical needs of modern retreats. With power conveniently available by the pool area, you can effortlessly set up equipment, audiovisuals, and presentations, ensuring a seamless event and activity experience.

Amaroo On Mandalay Magnetic Island confence room
Amaroo-On-Mandalay- BBQ-Area - Magnetic-Island
Amaroo on Mandalay Sunbathing area
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